• Asya and Irina Abaeva are sisters & owners of Blossom Tree flower shop. Asya Abaeva has been leaving in Dubai for the last 9 years and has moved all the way from sales executive to sales director of own company. Her realistic view of business was very helpful on the time of opening the shop.

  • “Flower business is our family business. It was 2004 when our family started up our first flower shop where we spent a lot of time together with my sister Irina. Irina knows flower business from the inside and I took the all responsibilities and paper work” says Asya

  • Irina Abaeva graduated from the Agricultural University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and then entered “Nicole”, the Swedish school of floristry in Moscow, Russia where took 2 years course. Along with her study, Irina started to build her career in “Goodveen” , a prestigious flower shop in Tashkent and worked there as an art director for 7 years. After she moved to Dubai in 2011, she started researching about floral companies in Dubai.

  • “Most of flower shops in Dubai are owned by people who are not florists and have no sufficient experience with flowers. The challenge was to provide exceptional customer service and offer a great variety of the products which are not available in the market. We want our customers to feel the difference” says Irina

    “Surprising our clients with innovative designs, using highest quality materials and flowers is our focus. We really work on developing and maintaining the unique concept of our shop and bespoke service” says Asya

    Blossom Tree Flower shop

  • The idea of creating our store has been developing a long time – living in Dubai, we realized that it’s not easy to find a flower shop where you can find a combination of high level European floristic quality, colourful imagination and value for money from a large variety of floral art and accessories.

  • The concept of our store is that people who come here can choose handmade gifts made by our crafts men and take away an exclusive and unique bouquet arranged by our skilled florist from a selection of fresh flowers from around the world.

  • At the Blossom Tree, fauna is also our friend, we have a worldly range of plants for the home and office, which upon purchase you will receive complimentary care instructions. We have a large selection of glass vases and ceramics for the growing of mini gardens. We also have a unique blend of handmade cards, toys and all those lovely trinkets that make that special occasion more memorable for your friends and loved ones. Please pass by for a free consultation and we will do our best to help you.